" ... magnificent wordsmithing along with bits of anguish, pieces of hope, and broad views of the world, a day at a time.

It's personal, and yet, it's universal."

William H. Lovejoy

And now for the unexpected:  POETRY

It speaks through concise words and images, some of which touch us deeply.

Murder, greed, and intrigue plague the world’s last real showgirl production, Spectacular, in Las Vegas’s Amalfi Resort and Casino. Tessa Sanders, an expert in AI security systems, is a member of the resort owner’s elite guards. Police enlist her help after a bomb is discovered in a dressing room and a murder is committed in the showroom. Soon afterward, the Amalfi gives a 60-day notice of closure. While showgirls must put away their extraordinary costumes forever and come to grips with the end of an era, Tessa must catch a killer.

Four-time Amazon Best-selling Author