Five diamonds from a $400-million heist and a dead snitch turn up in the condo of Las Vegas detective Jenna Simms. The rocks had been hidden by her murdered lover, a cop on the take. When Jenna attracts the attention of a drug dealer with ties to the heist and organized crime, she's ordered to accompany him to Miami. There, aboard a luxury yacht, Jenna plunges into a world as glamorous as it is deadly. Soon suspects are killed . . . as are witnesses. Is Jenna next?


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Kat Crawley, an Arctic cultural expert, is with a film crew in Canada’s Northwest Territories. On location at sea, she witnesses a horrific murder that mirrors an Inuit mermaid myth. At first, Kat is ridiculed for making the connection. Soon, she notices a local man trailing her. After divers recover the “mermaid’s” body, Kat receives death threats delivered in ghoulish, mythic style. Soon, Kat must separate myth from reality before she shares the mermaid’s fate . . .

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Murder meets Myth

above the Arctic Circle.