A radioactive skull found in a ritual circle near Las Vegas shoves anti-nuke activists into overdrive. Their violence escalates as the anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster approaches. When Matti’s forensic reconstruction of the skull identifies the victim as a Russian physicist, she’s convinced a modern-day apocalypse is at hand. She works against the clock to prevent disaster but is stopped by a court order. Is Matti considered expendable?


Hired to forensically reconstruct faces for the remains of three WW II Allied soldiers in the UK, Matti is at first unaware of the politically charged nature of her assignment. These soldiers had been shot execution style and left in a shallow grave, not on mainland Europe but in Oxfordshire, England. Secrecy surrounds the case, and in more ways than one, Matti must learn who to trust.


Matti’s neighbor, former child star Cathy Britton, is acting strangely. Is it drama, the onset of dementia, or has something sinister been thrown into the mix? Cathy’s nephew steps in to help as he helps himself to her fortune. Matti discovers that clues to the dilemma may have been hidden all along in  Cathy's yard.


Books One to SiX

​​M. A. R. UNGER


The first in the best-selling series pits forensic facial reconstruction artist Matti James against Las Vegas neighbors who are in the Russian mob. She fears another neighbor, shadowy Joe Chauncey, but also finds physically attractive. After her dog digs up a bullet-ridden skull near her property, police discover the rest of the skeleton in a most unlikely place. Matti is hired for the forensic reconstruction. She learns the hard way that killers don’t want victims identified.


On a whim, Matti joins her cold-case-solving friends in forming a detective agency. When Vegas headliner Layla Bourne walks in and hires Matti to find out who’s threatening her life, there’s a problem. Layla reportedly burned to death in a plane crash two weeks earlier. Is the woman an imposter? Perhaps Matti’s forensic expertise and sleuthing uncover an inconvenient  truth  that’s  to  die  for.



Matti has a new job and the same mob-related neighbors. A flash flood carries with it the body of a female. The victim's tattoo marks her as a Russian prostitute. Matti's final forensic reconstruction  resembles a hooker she saw getting out of her lover's car. When the bodies of more murdered Russian prostitutes turn up with identical tattoos, will Matti link the murders to her lover, her neighbors  . . . or someone even more dangerous?